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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Limelight is Bright

Gaia is good to me.

My mornings are spent in the gardens. Strange that it is spring here--it is in the scent of the acacia blossoms and the subtle vibration of bee song, in my hands as I transplant little kale seedlings and tomato starts into the ground.

I have appreciated the peacefulness of this place. After 6 months of mobility, it is nice to have some moments of permanence. Of knowing that there is a place to do yoga, to walk, to make tea, to write. To think!!!

Last night, I led my first performance/circus workshop for the community, in Spanish no less. I did a little juggling to start and then we moved into some theater and movement exercises. I am noticing that the work ethic at Gaia is super strong, and that there is an even stronger necessity to play to offset that energy. It was refreshing to dust off my clown nose and be silly and connect with everyone in a non-conventional way. We played!

Today, we have been surrounded by cameras--three different Argentinian television channels have come to visit, to film `Pequeños Mundos` or Small Worlds, a special weekly series, apparently. So this dashing Argentinian newscaster, Juan, with his cableknit sweaters and dark eyes, sweeps into the gardens with his camera crew, walking directly on top of a recently seeded bed of quinoa, and there is me in my knee-high rubber boots and soil-smeared cheeks with palms out in the International Gesture of PleaseStopRightNow! After that incident, things were okay--I gave an interview about my experience at Gaia and was even able to get the point across of biodiversity and soil life in my broken Spanish.

The plan is to be at Gaia until the end of October, just in time to take a global dance workshop...and then...I think it is back to the United States. I say `i think` because I am in the midst of organizing my plane ticket with my friend and now travel partner, Beate, who will be accompanying me. So, should the stars align themselves, and I hope they do, I will be on the West Coast until Christmas time, when I will go back to Minnesota for the holidays.

More to come on the project Beate and I will be doing in the next installation! Until then, lots of love and dirt under your fingernails...


Blogger Christopher Cassidy said...

Oakland welcomes you, should you find the time... =)

9:39 PM  
Blogger Damon Sage said...

Greetings Ms. Amanda,

Kate and I were just thinking of you last night and decided to send you some positive Qi to keep you happy and healthy :) I am reading your blog for the first time in several months and I am in awe at all you have done.

If you return for the holidays and are in the Portland area, feel free to make our couch home for a few days. We will also be in Minneapolis in late December so maybe our paths will cross.

Take care Ms. Amanda; we wish you a continued safe and peaceful journey.


10:48 AM  

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