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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Obrigado para tudo

Here's a toast to the overwhelming support and encouragement I've received from family and friends, far and wide: Blondina; Ina and Lefty; Rich, Leesa and Jake; Jim and Clark; Jay, Jenny, Noah, Sophie and Sadie; Melanie, Doug and Nathan; Curt, Patti, Dan, and Krista; Sarah; Hannah; Kyle; Julie; Amina y la biblioteca; Annie; Erika and her team of fundraisers; Lindsay's camera-savvy advice, Rosehipsters Valerie and Linda; Georgie and Renee; David and Chad; the Global Youth Village; and Gary Berg. And Josh and my parents--big time. Absolutely grateful. Mmmwhuh.


Blogger lindsay said...

i can't let a toast go unreturned -- cheers right back at'cha! i'm glad you made it through class, and that you mentioned this blog; it's such a nice way to keep tabs on folks who are, oh you know, on other continents and such.

i have a recipe to try tonight, but i need to go grab a lemon from the store -- how i wish i had a foreign market full of foreign fruits to discover! i'll never forget my first lychee in england.. take care, hope your camera has proven to be a wise investment already!

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