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Monday, February 06, 2006

A little bit about it

Forget planes, trains, and automobiles--I'm going to juggle my way through Brazil.

I’m joining La Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz, a traveling bandwagon of circus artists, environmentalists, and educators that have worked throughout Latin America since 1996. Touring in a medley of hand-painted buses, La Caravana spins a form of eco-entertainment that blends workshops in sustainable living with…of all things…circus arts.

La Caravana’s next stop is Brazil, where they have signed a contract with Brazil’s Ministry of Culture to provide performances and workshops for up to 50 communities throughout the country. In the favelas, quilombos, and indigenous villages that La Caravana will visit, La Caravana is partnering with local grassroots organizations.


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